• Fine Art

    Custom Framing

    All art has something in common: it needs quality framing!

    From traditional Master Works on canvas to cutting-edge Street Art serigraphs, all art has something in common: it needs quality framing! We are well-versed in the use of classic framing components such as fillets, fabric-wrapped mats and liners and French lines. If you have a taste for the contemporary, you may find a Paraflex frame or a custom museum box more to your liking.

    Aside from complimenting your art and decor, framing should also offer protection from airborne contaminants, insects, dirt, and damaging UV light. For matting and mounting, we only use products that meet US Library of Congress standards for storing valuable historical documents. We offer many glazing (glass) options, most of which have substantial protection from ultra violet light. Let us show you how archival framing can protect your fine art investment for years to come.