• Photography

    Custom Framing

    Framing should celebrate, enhance, and even glorify your picture.

    With mounting, matting and framing, we will give your photograph a “home.” There are three reasons why we want your pictures to have a home: Two are practical and one is esthetic.

    Support for ease of viewing - At its simplest, framing acts to support your photo for optimum viewing. Proper framing keeps the image flat and permits it to be easily placed upright on a wall or other support at a suitable viewing height.

    Protection – If you want your photos to last, they should be protected from dirt, dust and other environmental factors such as light, moisture and contact with inferior acidic paper products. No matter how careful you are, every time a photograph is handled, you may be doing harm. The natural oils and acids in your hands can act to break down the surface of your photo. In addition, if a photo is in direct contact with glass, it may stick over time. Therefore, we always recommend keeping photos (and any other art for that matter) from contacting the glass with a mat or spacer.

    Artistic - The third consideration is the artistic and aesthetic value proper framing can add to your photograph. Framing should (1) celebrate, enhance, and even glorify your picture; (2) find a balance so your photograph doesn’t overwhelm the environment, and the environment doesn’t impose on the picture; and (3) act as a transition between the wall and the image. Framing can also draw the eye to the picture, emphasizing the more subtle elements and colors, and even increasing the apparent size of the image.